Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

Aaron Deri, LMFT, Ventura Counselor 805-728-7288Is our therapy or counseling conversation and work confidential?

The therapists at the Anxiety Relief Center are committed to maintaining professional ethical standards, which includes your right to confidentiality.

Will you be telling me what to do in counseling?

We don’t have an agenda for you or your counseling sessions. Our job is to help you come to understand and define your own goals, help you make the decisions that move your life forward, and support you in making the changes that bring your hopes to life.

What are your counseling areas of specialty?

The therapists at the Anxiety Relief Center are trained, licensed and experienced psychotherapists who work with anxiety, anger, stress and improving relationships. More key though is that we help people who want to improve the quality of their daily lives. Our clients want to feel better about life and themselves, live with more calm, joy and hope, and perform better at work or school, home, and in their communities.

How do I get started?

Call 805-728-7288, or contact us through this website to set an appointment.