Ventura Couples and Relationship Counseling

Marriage and Relationship Counseling in Ventura

Survive Anger, Stress & Depression, and Reconnect With Love

Relationships are never perfect. Every couple needs to find a way to deal when hurt, bickering, loneliness or fear seem to take over.

For couples to survive difficult times, you need a way to repair the harm that anger, stress and depression bring with them. Without a way to repair, even good relationships can go bad.

If you want to be in a happy relationship, you owe it to yourself to get guidance if you feel you need it. And often, a trained, compassionate and experienced third party can help. When we work together, you’ll discover:

  1. How to stop the triggers that lead to fights, pain, and bickering
  2. How to repair the damage that let you drift apart
  3. And how to maintain a healthy, connected experience where you feel loved and safe

What’s Keeping You From Seeking Help?

For most couples, coming to counseling for your marriage, partnership or intimate relationship takes some courage. It’s understandable. Rarely do we want to share our personal pain, or our own sense that we are failing, with a stranger. We may want help, but not at the price of being judged. We often fear that therapy won’t work because things have just gotten so difficult. And it’s not unusual that one person in the couple is willing to come, while the other is not.

My Approach to Couples Counseling

The counseling I offer is meant to address these obstacles. When we work together, you’ll  see that I’m committed to not taking sides. Instead I offer the both of you a chance to be heard and understood. I’ll also offer you the chance to move you both beyond the pain you have at home. In sessions, I’ll help each of you:

  1. Decide what you want from your relationship
  2. Untangle the confusion of why things go wrong
  3. Build motivation to change what isn’t working
  4. Learn and do the specific skills necessary to creating greater intimacy, trust and love

Each of you will discover what you can do to change the experience of your relationship, even when it feels like the other person is being difficult or at fault. The tools you’ll learn will show you your own power to make the relationship work. Often times with my approach, even just one member of a couple showing up to do the work can lead to tremendous benefits and improvement in the relationship.

Who Comes to Therapy?

The kinds of problems my patients come to work on include:

  • constant blame, criticism and anger between partners
  • arguing with your partner about things but never solving problems
  • loneliness and feelings of abandonment
  • not getting your sexual needs met
  • quick tempers, insecurity and jealousy
  • interference from past relationships
  • cheating

Move Toward Your Relationship Solutions Today

If you are ready to try for greater happiness, connection and peace in your intimate relationships, I invite you to call me at 805-728-7288, or contact me at