Ventura Therapy & Counseling for Panic, Anxiety Attacks

Feel Safe, Sane and Get Relief from Panic

The first time it happened to you, you probably didn’t know what to call it or what was really happening. Perhaps you felt so afraid, you actually believed you might die, pass out, or go crazy. Or that those around you would think you’re crazy.

And because the symptoms of a panic attack often happen with no warning and no clear reason, it only makes the anxiety worse. For many, when panic and anxiety invade their lives, staying at home, and avoiding people and places become the new “normal”. Sadly, you might find your world getting smaller while the fear keeps growing. Studies show that persons with panic disorders can and do live normal, satisfying lives. But treatment for panic disorder is key.

Counseling at Your Pace, Step by Step, to Stop Panic

We move at your pace. First you learn exactly what is going on, what panic disorder is. You learn how the cycle of panic happens. You learn that you and your feelings, even fear, aren’t the problem…it’s the way you may be responding to panic that is the problem. Certain behaviors, fueled by extreme and unrealistic thoughts, actually make the panic attack worse. We’ll work on ways you can change those behaviors.

We also teach relaxation and other techniques to help you avoid or get through an attack. Some experts have found that people with panic disorder tend to have slightly higher than average breathing rates. Learning to slow this can help you deal with a panic attack and can also prevent future attacks.

And as your confidence grows, we’ll work on not avoiding situations, places, and people that you feel may bring on an attack. For example, we might break a fearful situation down into small, manageable steps. You’ll do these steps one at a time until the most difficult level is mastered.

Stopping Panic With Techniques That Have Been Tested and Proven Effective

The methods we use are not experimental or untried. They are based on a respected form of therapy called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT for panic disorder has been well established as an effective treatment. To date, 25 controlled trials exist supporting its efficacy. CBT is endorsed as a first-line treatment for panic disorder in consensus treatment guidelines developed by the National Institute of Mental Health and the American Psychiatric Association.

Start By Calling Us

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