Counseling to Overcome Anxiety & Depression

Anxious Depressed man in tunnelReduce Intense Negative Feelings, Feel Better, and Reclaim Your Life

Everyone needs help when anxiety, stress or depression seem to take over. It happens more often than many want to admit. But it still happens.

The causes vary: from everyday issues of stress, to something we carry from our past that won’t let go, to family or personal crises, to surviving trauma.

To survive difficult times when these emotions take over, you need a way to manage and heal the hurt and the intensity you feel every day. You need a way to focus again on taking care of family, relationships, work, and health.

When Should You Seek Counseling?

You know that anxiety, depression, anger or stress are out of hand when you have:

  • Constant worry or compulsive habits
  • Daily sadness, fear or dread
  • Repeated angry or tearful outbursts
  • Loss of energy and pleasure in life
  • Fear of traveling or leaving your home
  • Sleepless nights

Are Short-Term Solutions to Anxiety, Anger and Depression Only Making Things Worse?

When we face difficult feelings and circumstances, it’s normal to want to feel better. We often do this by trying to get some short-term relief.

But too often the short-term “fix” to feel better—withdrawing, acting out in anger, avoiding or denying the problem, or turning to bad habits—also brings new problems. For example, we then might feel shame, see new troubles arise, and feel renewed pain.

Get the Counseling Support You Deserve In Ventura

If this cycle sounds familiar, please consider an alternative: working with a caring, effective, and experienced professional who specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, and anger.Free of anger and anxiety

As therapists in the Ventura area, we have worked to create a space where you will be heard, and where new solutions and new hope will emerge. Learn more about how we alleviate anxietycontrol anger on this site, and our approach when it comes to addiction. Clients report many benefits:

  • Greater calm, confidence and focus at work, school and home
  • Improved physical health, energy and optimism
  • Renewed feelings of intimacy and safety with loved ones
  • More respect for yourself and others
  • Curbing or ceasing destructive habits and addictions
  • More effective communication and relationship skills

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